Marina (smzrtski) wrote,

пещерные камушки

продолжение. Howe caverns 4.
Howe_Caverns тут и здесь

malachite 75-2apr12_3149_Howe Caverns_stone_malachite

2.75-2apr12_2974_Howe Caverns_stone_malachite_polished

3. orthoceras_single 75-2apr12_2975_Howe Caverns_stone_orthoceras_single

4.75-2apr12_3146_Howe Caverns_stone_orthoceras

5.75-2apr12_3150_Howe Caverns_stone_orthoceras

6. selenite 75-2apr12_3147_Howe Caverns_stone_selenite soap

7. peacock rock - chalcopyrite 75-2apr12_2999_Howe Caverns_stone_peacock rock

8. desert rose 75-2apr12_2978_Howe Caverns_stone_desert rose

9. citrine_points 75-2apr12_2998_Howe Caverns_stone_citrine_points

10. soapstone black 75-2apr12_3143_Howe Caverns_stone_soapstone black

11. fuchsite 75-2apr12_3153_Howe Caverns_stone_fuchsite

12. rough sodalite 75-2apr12_3155_Howe Caverns_stone_rough sodalite

13. orange calcite 75-2apr12_3160_Howe Caverns_stone_orange calcite

14. emerald 75-2apr12_3162_Howe Caverns_stone_emerald

15. stone_ema_eggs 75-2apr12_3158_Howe Caverns_stone_ema eggs

16. crystal_geode 75-2apr12_2996_Howe Caverns_stone_crystal

17. amethyst 75-2apr12_2995_Howe Caverns_stone_amethyst

18. trilobite 75-2apr12_2982_Howe Caverns_stone_trilobiteAndaloucian

19. 75-2apr12_3167_Howe Caverns_stone_jasper

20. rose quartz 75-2apr12_3131_Howe Caverns_stone_rose quartz

21. onyx eggs 75-2apr12_3136_Howe Caverns_stone_onyx eggs

22. 75-2apr12_3138_Howe Caverns_Adirondacks

howe caverns 1
howe caverns 2
howe caverns 3
Tags: #ХоувКавернс, adirondacks, appalachian_mountains, howe_caverns, stone, пещеры

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